Let’s Get Shabby Chic!

If you are more of a super star, then you will want to design your table in a Hollywood elegant style. Look for a table that has an art deco aesthetic to it. Shiny surfaces and clean lines with a feeling of simple elegance will work for this look. Hang a mirror that has an interesting geometric design in the frame and flank it with art deco wall sconces to give your vanity table a real Hollywood vibe. Add a stool with clean, geometric lines, and recover the seat cushion in a lush fabric to complete the look of your Hollywood vanity.

Many home design styles can be created by using your imagination. shabby chic furniture is painted white; so all you need to do is find a piece of furniture that is scratched and paint it white. Some pieces can be painted with designs that imitate an exotic location. Find some old luggage or trunks and make some labels of exotic locations (look on the web) to stick on them as if they traveled the world. Be creative and you will be surprised at what you can dream up.

Being flashy is still out in 2010. Now that cheap credit has come and gone, finding items to decorate or repurpose from a thrift store or yard sale is now very cool. If you can find affordable items that need just a bit of TLC, now you can be part of the shabby chic trend that has evolved. It no longer needs to look like the old vintage shabby chic bed, but more like you have collected items passed on to you from your grandmother. Vintage is in!

We are quite positive that there are going to be a few images here that you are going to steal some inspiration from. Tina and David wanted a vintage, country, shabby chic bedroom furniture wedding. Tina really like that shabby chic cottage look and Dave really wanted a rustic country style, so combine the two and you have a rustic shabby chic extravaganza.

These shabby and chic furnishings are great for your bedrooms if you want to get a cool and calm effect. You can create the perfect effect in your bedroom with a classic armoire, ornate mirrors and chandeliers and a grand dressing table. If you are thinking that this may cost you a fortune, you are mistaken. Shop online and get all of these items at an incredibly low rate. Therefore, for a very modest budget you can change your entire bedroom.