What Does Your Home Decor Style Say About You?

To create the shabby chic look, you want to incorporate various textures. Chenille fabrics, lace and nubby textures can be blended to add depth and additional appeal to a room. When all of the textures in a room are basically the same, it can leave a flat, dull look that lacks interest. You want to mix and match fabrics from those that are rough to smoother, more silky textures.

The concept of shabby and chic first started in Britain. However, most people think that this trend had begun in France. From the 80’s this trend had gathered mass popularity and since then its popularity has increased. You can purchase this type of furniture of any size that will suit your room and its interiors. If you have a very large living room then you can consider of incorporating shabby chic furniture. You can set up furniture of this kind even in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Stand the rough edges, peeling paint and splinters from the porch post and the stand. Wipe the dust from the rack when finished. Dry brush the entire post coat rack using recycled house paint. Light colored or white paints will help keep its vintage character. You could add another layer of an additional color to stimulate the years of age. The vintage shabby chic bed look of salvaged pieces is much sought after, if you like the weathered and aged look of your porch post, then only paint the stand to match. You may want to add a couple of coats of sealer to prevent it from peeling further and to protect against the possibilities of lead paint exposure.

If you have large picture windows in your home, these are perfect for the shabby chic bedroom furniture. Use delicate sheers in pale colors, or a small stripe or floral pattern works as long as the colors stay in the white, pale pink or cream color. A very small touch of black or navy will work as well.

Raffia Cream #710C-2 is another one of the natural Behr paint colors that coordinate wonderfully with a shabby chic kitchen motif. This kitchen paint color is really great if your kitchen connects openly to your dining room or living area. It will not darken the shabby chic kitchen to the point of making even a smaller kitchen feel tight but it is a warm Behr natural paint color.