What Is Shabby Chic Furniture?

This vintage craft video is the perfect solution for anyone looking to recover their dining room chairs in a vintage or shabby chic look. You could also do this in a little girl’s room! Hope you enjoy!

When the paint is completely dry, sand the surface and the edges of the desk with an electric palm sander. This will age the desk and allow the bottom layers of paint to show through, giving it the shabby chic look.

Texture and fragrance also add so much to a simply shabby chic furniture look for soft pink velvet, satin and velvet roses to fill dark corners also add lengths of vintage beaded fringing to curtin rods and under shelves .

Next, you need to figure out what lighting to use in the room. For a vintage shabby chic bed, chandeliers work well. Look for a used chandelier that is still in decent condition. You can always make your own chandelier by using a chandelier frame and adding in your own decoration and light bulbs.

A white shower curtain is also desirable and you can even omit the white towels if for any reason you are not comfortable with them. In that case you can choose also soft tones for your towels and even matching them to the color you chose to paint your walls.

Another great idea is to paint out the vintage suitcases. If they are terrible colors or faded you can spray them with primer first. Once this dried you can paint them out in a shabby chic bedroom furniture or even a metallic spray paint.

Consider using European objects here and there in your shabby chic living room. European items tend to have just the right color shades and motifs to tie into your shabby chic room.

Current original Provencal pieces are considered as antiques and can be very expensive depending on the quality of the piece. For those that cannot afford real antiques a reproduction market has emerged. You do not even need a home completely decorated in the provincial style, as provincial pieces work well with many other design styles. Mixing and matching works well with provincial furniture.